In which Mavi Amell is the voice of the fandom (x)




can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person

Is this a comic? This should be a comic.

"no stupid, oh my god. no just… just turn… fuck. don’t wander over there, you’re gonna fall down the… aaand there he goes………….. moron.”

In The Flesh, 1x03

"It was a one shot deal. It was a gift! A gift and you ruined it!"


We need to unite these people out there. She’s the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.

What do you think that was going on through the heads of your characters when they saw each other again? (x)

tom: i promise i’m never doing that again.
nicole: that needs to be a gif. [x]


the weirdest shit about the whole “your fave is problematic” thing is that y’all hunt down minor details about the past of celebrities while also refusing to acknowledge how you acted like two years ago 


I love you @pascalispunk . Photo courtesy of ms Natalie Dormer (x)

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